Why do I need CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), also known as surveillance system, is very popular now that we are in the digital age. But before computers, smart televisions and smart phones, the first CCTV camera was developed by Siemens AG in Germany during the World War II to monitor launched rockets in the war. Now that everybody lives in a peaceful time, anyone can do whatever they want. They can build a home together with their family; their kids can go to school; and they can work in an office or even build their own business. Almost everyone now has a camera on their hands, laptops, tablets and smart phones. But why is it important to have a CCTV system? Why is it important to have it at home? Why do they have it in schools, offices and places of business? There are four factors to consider:

As a Deterrent – The simple appearance of security cameras is a great deterrent to thieves and vandals. There are countless times that criminals abandoned their plan to commit crime because of the presence of CCTV camera installed in their target area. Some of them stopped at the middle of their criminal activity and apologized in front of the CCTV camera. Even ordinary citizens behave properly when they know that there is a CCTV camera in place. CCTV system has been a very powerful tool to avert criminal activities.

For Catching Criminals – For those who may be experiencing theft or crime within their area, sometimes it is not known who the culprit is. You may be a business owner who wonders why your daily cash income does not tally with your daily financial report. A day after you installed the CCTV system, you found out that your cashier is stealing money from your cashbox whenever you drive out of the store. You may be a parent who wonders why your child has bruises on his/her arms even though you knew that the child is at home the whole day. After you installed the CCTV camera in your child’s room, you found out that the babysitter is hurting your child whenever you are not around. There are tons of real-life situations that a CCTV camera or system is used to solve a crime.

For Personal Security – You may want to feel secure and have a peace of mind for yourself or your family by installing a CCTV system in your home or place of business. A child is brave enough to stay alone with her nanny when the parents are not around because he or she knows that his or her parents can monitor home activities remotely. A school principal is confident that the students do not skip classes because security personnel can monitor the school campus during class hours. A business owner trusts his or her workers to come to work on time because there is a CCTV camera focused on the main door of the office. CCTV system boosts the sense of security and confidence of the owner in their own territory.

For Monitoring – You may want to see or monitor what is happening in a certain area even when you are not there by installing a CCTV camera in that place. You may be a farm business owner who has a schedule to travel out of town for a few days and you want to make sure that your workers feed your livestock properly while you are gone. You may be the head of security of a hotel that would make sure that banned persons will be escorted out of the lobby before checking in with the front desk personnel. You may be a parent who has a child left at home with a nanny and knows that every lunch time your child is being well fed.

According to H. Stanley Judd, “The ultimate security is your understanding of reality”. Today’s reality is an advancement of technology. We are given the gift of technology so we can use it in our advantage and security. So, if you want a CCTV system installed, please feel free to contact us at Netmax Solutions. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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Alfie D. is a technology solutions consultant for Netmax Solutions with over 10 years of experience working in Telecommunications Industry. He is a passionate learner who likes to discuss technology ideas with friends. He is also a front end web developer, system integrator, network administrator and likes to play the guitar.

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