Natures Village Resort

Netmax Solutions provides Wireless Private Network to Natures Village Resort

Natures Village Resort is located at Talisay Highway, Talisay City, Negros Occidental. They offer unique accommodations especially for those who loves nature and it is just a few minutes away from city capital. There are 3-story, 4-story and 5-story hotel buildings in the resort and all of them have Wi-Fi access for the all the guest to enjoy. Initially, once the hotel reached 100 Wi-Fi users, the wireless private network users suffer slow internet connection. Netmax Solutions rehabilitated the wireless private network and upgraded the system with wireless management system. Now, they can support up t0 500 Wi-Fi users with ease and no issues . Do you want to avail Netmax Solutions’ wireless private network solution as well? Contact us and we will do a free site survey.

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