Introducing ColorVu by Hikvision

Do you want to increase the accuracy of your CCTV System during night time? Being able to see black and white in dark places is never enough. It is safe to say that criminals might still be able to get away from paying for their crimes at night even though you have video footage of the incident. You may have High Definition resolution, but a blue shirt, a green hat, a red SUV or yellow pants is still a crucial detail.

Good thing you may be able to overcome this problem using Hikvision ColorVu technology. Hikvision is the leading manufacturer when it comes to surveillance technology. Aside from the awards that they have gained throughout the years, I have witnessed personally the demand for Hikvision in my area when it comes to surveillance solutions. So why do you need Hikvision ColorVu technology? Here’s why:

True Color Information – You can now accurately see Color in dark and low lit environment. At night, black and white images have lost their value. Subjects such as people, vehicles or objects tend to get blurry and hide together with the background. With Hikvision ColorVu, you will boost your video detail at night.

More Accurate Detail – Conventional high definition camera has low aperture features which means it cannot see accurately in the dark. With Hikvision ColorVu technology, aperture gets 4 times the amount of light as compared to standard cameras. This feature produces brighter images in the dark but well-balanced brightness during the day package together with High Definition quality video resolution. 

Cost-Efficient Technology – Before, this setup can only be attained by a special camera with a very good lighting system. Of course, it is very expensive. The cost for each special camera as compared to a standard HD camera is high, especially the ones that have special features for dark places. Now it is cheaper and can be installed for residential and small business setup with no additional lighting setup.

If you are not quite convinced, check out the video below and see for yourself.

Are you amazed at what you see? If you want to learn more about Hikvision ColorVu Technology, please contact us at Netmax Solutions. We will be happy to assist you with your CCTV System needs.

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Alfie D. is a technology solutions consultant for Netmax Solutions with over 10 years of experience working in Telecommunications Industry. He is a passionate learner who likes to discuss technology ideas with friends. He is also a front end web developer, system integrator, network administrator and likes to play the guitar.

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