Benefits of Wi-Fi Management System

Wireless Fidelity or as commonly known as Wi-Fi is one of the radio technology used for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This wireless technology is being utilized by our laptops, tablets and smartphones to connect to the nearest WLAN routed to the internet. We were able to develop a sense of mobility which became a demand in the hospitality industry. People search for hotels, resorts, condominiums, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and theme parks to visit and usually demands to have free Wi-Fi access. Business owners have often tried to setup a Wi-Fi network in a conventional way and deals with problems of an unmanaged Wi-Fi network access. Here is why Wi-Fi management system is important:

Connection Security – It will be not smart to set the passcode manually in each of the wireless devices if you are running a medium to large scale networks. The purpose of this is to avoid unauthorized usage of Wi-Fi network connection. Wi-Fi management system is a centralized management server that provides computer generated codes for individual Wi-Fi access. The computer generated pass codes expires after an hour, a day or a week after it is logged which will depend on the configuration.

Fair share policy – One of the common problems of unmanaged Local Area Network is bandwidth usage abuse. Every time someone stream a video that is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you are struggling to browse the internet on your computer. Wi-Fi management system is also a bandwidth manager that gives each Wi-Fi users the same dedicated bandwidth. This feature protects your Wi-Fi users from other users that tends to hog the internet bandwidth.

VIP Access – There will be times that important guests will be using the Wi-Fi network. We do not want to give them trouble of entering the passcode every time they visit your place. Wi-Fi management system can register the devices of VIP guests but the bandwidth allocated can still be managed so it does not affect other Wi-Fi users.

High user capacity – If you are running a small business and you have an office, your Wi-Fi device can handle probably 30-40 users. But if you are running a large scale network with a lot of Wi-Fi users, it is not wise to manually manage users per device. Wi-Fi management system provides a centralized control over your Wi-Fi users and it does not matter which Wi-Fi access point they are connected within your network. The server can support up to 5,000 users.

Brand awareness – Wi-Fi management system also provides a customized login page for your Wi-Fi users. You can make your users aware of your identity and capitalize that for your marketing. You can put your profile information and policies in the login page and when their login is successful, you can redirect them into your website. 

Optimized wireless coverage – The basic solution to maximize the coverage of your Wi-Fi access point is to mount it in a high place. The Wi-Fi signal usually cannot penetrate solid material so its better not to put it in the same level as your appliances and furniture to avoid signal obstruction. But sometimes, weak Wi-Fi signal is caused by signal interference from other Wi-Fi devices. To avoid this, you must be familiar with frequency usage and apply proper frequency planning to minimize WiFi dead spots.

Since mobile free data has been offered here in the Philippines, people tend to avail the free Wi-Fi connection once they visit a certain place. Some have bad experiences and they usually don’t visit the place again. Wi-Fi management system will make sure that Wi-Fi users have superior user experience for positive response on both potential and returning visitors. Contact us if you want to avail the Wi-Fi wireless management.

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Alfie D. is a technology solutions consultant for Netmax Solutions with over 10 years of experience working in Telecommunications Industry. He is a passionate learner who likes to discuss technology ideas with friends. He is also a front end web developer, system integrator, network administrator and likes to play the guitar.

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