NETMAX SOLUTIONS provides helpful technology articles to assist clients on how technology solutions work and how to understand different elements of the system. Scan the links below to learn more about technology and solutions we provide.

Introducing ColorVu by Hikvision

Do you want to increase the accuracy of your CCTV System during night time? Being able to see black and ...
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How to enhance your Wi-Fi connection experience?

Ever wonder why your Wi-Fi signal drops in certain areas? Do you have intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity at home or in ...
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How many days of recording can be stored in my CCTV hard drive?

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) might be the center of your Surveillance or CCTV System operation ...
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Why does your business needs a website?

Ever wonder why business owners invest to build a website for their business? A lot of entrepreneurs always say: “why ...
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