Business Profile

Our Mission & vision

NETMAX SOLUTIONS has been delivering Technology Solutions  since we opened in 2008. Since then, we have been providing superior customer experience and tremendous value for our clients. 

We are here to offer cost-efficient Technology Solutions to clients combined with good quality products and services. We are here to let people know the difference of investing on quality rather quantity or cheap devices that eats up financial resources over a period of time. With our experienced technical team we guarantee our clients are able to reach their digital satisfaction.

We aim to see a safe and secure nation with a good infrastructure to support the fast growing digital needs of the society.

Our Team

Entrepreneur, Business Manager, Expert Data Scraper, System Analyst, Technology Enthusiast and Technical Liaison Specialist.

Ryan Bancaya

Software & Website Developer, Information Technology Specialist, Database & System Administrator and System Integrator, 

Gilmon Bernal

Technology Solutions Consultant, Network Administrator,  Technical R&D Specialist, System Integrator and Website Designer.

Alfie Dusaban

Our Clients

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