NETMAX SOLUTIONS is a Technology Solutions provider based in the Philippines. We have been delivering Technology Solutions since we started in 2008. From then on, we have been providing superior customer experience and tremendous value for our clients. We pride ourselves to work with international and national companies. These corporate clients are in banking & finance, telecommunications industry, hospitality industry, real estate, service & product providers, government sectors and local businesses.

Netmax Solutions technical expertise provides quality planning and implementation of technology solutions like Surveillance / CCTV System, Wired and Wireless Private Networks, Network Structured Cabling, Access Control System, Software & Website Development and Business Brand Design & Development.

Featured projects

North Negros Biopower, Inc.

Netmax Solutions provides Fiber Optic Network Layout and Termination Service to North Negros Biopower, Inc. The Biomass plant in Manapla ...
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1898 Casa and Restaurante

Netmax Solutions provides Network based CCTV System and Wireless Management System to 1898 Casa and Restorante. 1898 Casa and Restorante ...
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Binalbagan-Isabela Sugar Company, Inc. (BISCOM)

Netmax Solutions provides Network based CCTV System for BISCOM Electrical Substation Binalbagan-Isabela Sugar Company, Inc. ranks among the biggest sugar ...
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Our latest helpful articles

Do you want to increase the accuracy of your CCTV System during night time? Being able to see black and white in dark places is never enough. It is safe ...
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Ever wonder why your Wi-Fi signal drops in certain areas? Do you have intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity at home or in the office? There are factors to consider to make sure ...
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Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) might be the center of your Surveillance or CCTV System operation but it needs a device to store video footage captured ...
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Ever wonder why business owners invest to build a website for their business? A lot of entrepreneurs always say: “why will I need a website if I can use social ...
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Wireless Fidelity or as commonly known as Wi-Fi is one of the radio technology used for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This wireless technology is being utilized by our laptops, ...
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